About Dave

Dave Higgins - MugshotI’ve worked in law and IT for both public and private sector organisations. When not pursuing these hobbies, I write speculative fiction and the occasional poem.

I’ve always had pathological desire to read: usually I read books and articles; but if I see anything with words on I will probably read it, including the back, front, and sides of the same cereal packet I read yesterday.

Nicki Higgins

I’m happily married to Nicola. She reads less than I do, which is still a vast amount.

She has a myriad of admirable qualities; greatest among them that she uses the same style for the genitive of our surname. The lawyer in me requires me to point out that the previous clause is for comic effect and does not represent an objective analysis of her admirable qualities.

Jasper and Una in a BoxI also share my house with two cats, Jasper and Una, who we adopted from Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

They also display great intelligence and many admirable qualities, none of which are related to grammar or writing.

As with everyone who writes, I enjoy knowing that people are reading my words, so look forward to your comments; in exchange I will attempt to respond to them as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, if you want to contact me about something more general, or private, then you can use the Contact Form.

Affiliate Links: I am a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors’ affiliate scheme. Where I suggest a product covered by that, I will indicate that I might receive a referral fee.

Blog Background: Paper_@2X from http://www.subtlepatterns.com. Free to use with credit.

9 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Hi, I found you via Kurt Rees’ blog… and wanted to tell you about Poetry Perfected, a new blog I recently created. You can find it here and I would love a visit!


  2. hhmm…i see your kitties share the same fascination with boxes, as ours do. .just wanted to visit a bit to thank you for liking my poem, ‘our words’, encouragement to this novice scribbler is always appreciated. *smiles*


  3. Hi Dave, do you think one has always to admit to one’s inspiration or not? Maybe only if it is really worth pain. Last week I thought a.o. about writing a story about time travelers that came back to the Earth and find it completely destroyed, but it’s not dark. They hang a little bit around and make up what can have happened: an ecological disaster in the years before the publication of the report of the club of Rome. Then they meet the beings, let’s say living under the ground and why not ordinary people that are really in trouble? As the time travelers are used to it and this is a really easy one, they do a terraforming and give the Earthish a brand new Earth as they remember from when they left it. Me I will probably never start writing it because I’m scared alternate history is not my genre.

    Have a nice day.


    1. Interesting question. I certainly have more ideas than I could do justice, so I do focus on the ones that seem most likely to produce an end product.

      However, sometimes I come across an abandoned project and have new inspiration, so I tend to keep as many rough drafts and notes of ideas as I can.

      I would overcome the fear you cannot write alternative history by writing it purely for yourself; if the first draft does not go anywhere then you can stop, but you will not know until you try.


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