Three “Love Your Pet Day” Tips

To mark Love Your Pet Day 2023, here are my three top tips to show your pets you love them. As many of you will know, I have two thumb-bearers (called Friend Human and Other Friend Human) so my tips are focused on thumb-bearers; however, they can easily be adapted to other pets.

(1) Temporal Realignment

Many thumb-bearers, my own included, enjoy having more time for their hobbies. However, all but the rarest of thumb-bearers seem to be trapped by the false belief that because it was six in the morning at this time yesterday, it is six in the morning at this time today. However, as even thumb-bearers have realised, many issues can be solved percussively; so, show your pets some love by giving them a couple of firm bats to the face to free them from the prison of linear time.

(2) Gift of Warmth

Unlike many pets, thumb-bearers shed almost all their fur on a daily basis. Obviously, this poses a great risk that they will succumb to the cold; so show your pets some love by pressing up against various parts of their bodies when they start to shed.

(3) Simply Be There

Some thumb-bearers like attention more than others but all of them like their space sometimes. If, after 15 minutes or so of calling and batting at them, your thumb-bearer doesn’t seem interested in playing then they probably want to be alone; so show your pets some love by moving up to three inches away and silently following them wherever they go until they are in the mood to interact again.

(4) Consistency and Clarity

Consistency is the bane of small minds and you don’t want your thumb-bearer to have a small mind. So show your pets some love by

A tabby cat lying on the lap of a man


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