Double or Nothing (UPDATED)

Apparently, the UK Armed Forces are not merely lacking for money but are probably overfunded. Which makes Ben Wallace MP’s claim it is being hollowed out seem rather self-serving, like a manager trying to make his department look important by “winning” the biggest budget competition.

How do I know the Armed Forces are overfunded? Because James Le Fanu said so in The Telegraph and provided numbers. Can’t find the article at the moment but he provided numbers so he must be right.

And I did find some numbers of my own. Specifically, that military funding is set to be double in 2030 what it was when Liz Truss MP became Prime Minister last year. Even looking at that, Wallace’s claims military issues are due to a failure to offer an adequate increase in funding seems strange.

UPDATED: I have now found a quote from Le Fanu’s article: “This matters less however than the seemingly irrefutable evidence implicit… that the solution to the health services’ woes does not lie in ever more generous increases in resources. If anything, it might be the reverse.”

I apologise to readers for the mistake. Instead of suggesting Le Fanu was saying we shouldn’t double UK spending on the Armed Forces in the face of new military threats, I should have said he was saying we shouldn’t increase NHS funding in the face of new pandemics.


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