Betimes the curious traveller comes across a thing of sublime beauty: for me, one such is Keiko Masumoto‘s Kitsch Kogei collection, ceramics that combine traditional Japanese ceramics with octopuses.

A ceramic teapot in the shape of a realistic octopus covered in a pattern of delicate blue swirls.
©Keiko Masumoto

Of course, if that traveller is also experienced in matters of true consequence rather than the ephemerality that passes for discourse amongst what is known as an influencer, they will also note a knowing wink in the artist’s description of their intent. Certainly a item that is both a sculpture and a functional teapot exists upon the “ambiguous boundary” between art and craft, and mundane minds might claim the reference to liminality should be taken at face value. However, only the wilfully blind would not read more into the claim this work questions “the existence of the vessel itself”.

There is a clear truth here for those who have not retreated into blissful ignorance: used correctly, this pot will grant a tea ceremony a special… depth.


5 thoughts on “Oc-Tea-Puss

      1. There’s a fellow, lives on the Isle of Gurnsey, SmashFishing (youtube), who catches and eats cuttlefish. “Amazing creatures” he’s wont to say. He pretty much feeds himself by foraging the coast. An enviable pastime.


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