The Most Awful?

Between the alien structures that are abstruse debate over mythos taxonomy and the endless mud plains that are emotive debate over whether someone should read his works at all, I sometimes chance across more interesting artefacts, such as the question whether worship of Cthulhu is foolish or wrong. I say probably, but not for the reasons of morality or Cthulhu’s irreality that others might suggest.

Lovecraft describes Cthulhu as (among other things) a High Priest; so, he is not a god, but an intermediary to them. While there is a trend in society to worship celebrities, sports players, and women from afar (both in the sense of worshipping from a distance and fetishizing the foreign)—thus, worshipping entities that aren’t gods isn’t socially abhorrent—worship takes real effort; so it seems like a tactical error to expend that effort on the priest rather than the god.

A man with bulbous eyes and a fishlike mouth looking to the left with the caption "Stop the Cult of Dagon before it changes you" and an elder sign.

So, if you want to worship a mythos being, don’t make the mistake of being drawn into Cthulhu’s pyramid scheme where you direct your metaphysical energy to him, allowing him to gain the benefits of sending it to the gods while lounging around sleeping. Grasp your full potential by worshipping an Outer God directly: Nyarlathotep perhaps if you want a more human interface; Yog-Sothoth if you are looking for a more mystical advantage.

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