Being Glad

As many of you have probably also found, things have not been effortless here recently which betimes was a bit of a drag on the old noggin. So, it seemed like a moment to share something that brings me a small joy in case it sparked a joy in you also. Today, I have mainly been listening to Oscar Brown Jr.’s performance of “Brown Baby”:

Nina Simone’s version is probably more well-known but I find something deeply moving in his more mellow approach. All that delicate hope.

But the bit that really gives me tingles is “It makes me glad you’re gonna have things that I never had.

Not the bitterness of I suffered so you shouldn’t escape it.

Not even the hard love of suffering makes you tough enough to face a harsh world.

But the hope that what we overcome now will spare a stranger later.

In the words of the Buddha Unwin: Deep Joy!

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