A Strange Grasping

Social media is an aching void, filled with uncaring horrors. But it is a void that can be shaped by abstruse incantations and strong will. As I have shaped it. The arcane sigil I wrought last week summoned forth a shambling servitor* bearing visions of exquisite Otherness, visions I have chosen to share with the world.

The majestic sweeping curl of a tentacle, filled with natural power.

A close up of a tentacle cast in bronze
©Devon Dorrity

The jagged grace of a tool, function clear yet aesthetic inhuman.

A close up of a fantastical harpoon cast in bronze
©Devon Dorrity

The revelation they are not separate but glimpses of a whole, a creature infinitely more suited to certain environments than weak humans.

A bronze sculpture with the upper half of a human and the lower half of an ocotpus
©Devon Dorrity

Devon Dorrity doesn’t mention Lovecraft when describing “Queen of the Seas” (and his notes for other sculptures similarly reference more traditional myth forms or modern fantasy), so it is probable this wasn’t inspired by Deep Ones; however, the Mythos seeker can easily find cosmic horror in the piece. Which is one of the things I love about sculpture (and art in general): the experience echoes the experiencer rather than passively inserting the creator’s vision.

*As with many eldritch monstrosities, it cloaked its true form in a more pleasant seeming: in this instance, that of a friend saying ‘You like squid-things; have you seen this?’

2 thoughts on “A Strange Grasping

    1. Not many species of cephalopods have been studied compared to the number that exist, so it’s hard to draw definite conclusions, but there seems to be a trend that the larger the species, the more likely the young are born as smaller versions of the adult. So, the offspring of the Queen could well be born able to suckle.

      As there are both octopuses and mammals (such as seals) that are benthic, the areas where tentacles and lactation provide survival benefits overlap, so a species such as the Queen is less unfeasible than it might be.

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