Release the Dollar Monkeys!

Today marks the first easing of lockdown in the United Kingdom (since the last one). While it might feel like an age since we were sealed away, it is nothing compared to that of Ogg, the inventor of the rock for doing something that was previously done in a less efficient way. To both provide perspective on our own travails and warn of the dangers of sudden return to society, I present his story.

Jefferson Smith, creator of ImmerseOrDie and other fine fiction concepts, has spent a chunk of the last year creating his own muppetesque cavepuppet. Being a rather strange person, he decided to put the resulting skits on TikTok.

As a lover of the taste of words, my favourite is probably The History of Nouns:

However, Where Money Comes From is a rather pleasing piece of observational humour also:

Enjoy your new freedoms, shopping apes.

Just don’t expect to see me out there, I went out last week and don’t wish to overexcite myself.

2 thoughts on “Release the Dollar Monkeys!

  1. “I’d like some of your mammoth meat, but I’ve nothing to trade. How about I give you a “promise to trade”?”
    “What? Um, yeah, OK.”

    “Here’s that promise you gave me, can I have some of your berries?”
    “What? I don’t *really* have enough to share. Um, how about I give you TWO promises in exchange for this one?”

    “Kill the bankers!”
    “Three promises?”

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