Happy Deathday to HP Lovecraft

What better soundtrack for the day the misanthrope died than a playlist of all the songs featured in Harlem Smoke, a novel that blends Lovecraft and music?

Harlem Smoke written in a faux smoke typeface
Click on the picture to access the playlist

The answer is potentially a great many things: however James Champagne’s choices for songs to feature do provide a pleasing change from the three threads of dark ambient, HPLS jokery, and growly-shout that seem to comprise almost all of Lovecraft-inspired music.

How are you celebrating the prophet’s annihilation? What is your favourite Lovecraft-related music?

12 thoughts on “Happy Deathday to HP Lovecraft

  1. Hmm. *opens the coffin* Fields of the Nephilim? Rudimentary Peni? (Did I just date myself? Plus, I’m old and forgetful, so I’m not even sure I’m remembering rightly. LOL!) But, to pick music I listen to more recently, the first random musical association that popped into my mind when I thought of Lovecraft in response to your question(s) was the carillon music from Cast in Bronze…


    1. “Last Exit for the Lost” does name-check Cthulhu, so FotN count. However, their opus has more of a Crowley/chaote feel than Lovecraftian one for me.

      Rudimentary Peni’s Cacophony is definitely Lovecraftian. And some of Blinko’s art has a cosmic dread to it.

      Hadn’t heard of Cast in Bronze: that does have a certain creepiness to it; like dark ambient only waxing with unnatural life.

      Dating yourself? Now I have a crazy idea for a LGBTQ adaptation of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

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      1. Thanks for the fact-checking! I tell ya, on top of my ADHD, my thoughts are even more all over the place with my COVID shutdown state LOL (I have Primal Screamer in one of my book storage boxes–probably the one with my old Re/Search editions. 🙂 )


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