Hot Chocolate Macro

If one pleasure is good, then it seems logical two pleasures are better; however, that way might lead to the most lively awfulness.

I rather enjoy Yog-Sothothery, computer gaming, and interesting recipes, so when I came across the Necro-Nom-Icon, a game that mixes Lovecraft and cooking, I felt an unspeakable draw.

And once I began, it revealed to me new and wondrous vistas, strange sights such as that below:

A drawing of a man's head and a wasteland with mystical symbols superimposed

The gameplay is a mix of following strange ritual instructions and overcoming the stresses of uncovering cosmic secrets rather than blasting monsters, so resonated with the same part of me that was first hooked by Lovecraft’s work many years ago.

However, in parallel with the dread of the rituals, there are light-hearted aspects. While these might have enhanced the fun of actually cooking to a recipe, the tone jarred with the building creepiness for me; in much the same way that I like hot chocolate and I like stealth games, but I don’t enjoy playing stealth games while holding a mug of hot chocolate.

Nevertheless, as is apposite for the Lovecraftian, I choose to correlate only some of the experience and see the possibility for games that draw more on the feel of cosmic horror and less on the defeating of creatures in various ways.

9 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Macro

  1. I was actually looking for something like this…was playing a game while dinner was on, and it was a cooking game, but a flash one. Might try it out! I like cooking games because I used to work in kitchens and every once in a while, I miss it. 🙂


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