Advent Ghosts: Uncountable Sorrow

A joyous Yule or other festival of choice to everyone. As in previous years, I am participating in Loren Eaton’s Advent Ghosts 100-word scary story project. This year, a story inspired by a Wiltshire legend:

Uncountable Sorrow

Twelve stones.

It was silly; a story made up by locals to get outsiders to buy drinks.

But then he was an outsider now; and, according to Jen, a bunch of other things.

Getting her to come without telling her where had almost caused another argument. But once she realised they were here and he’d brought the same picnic. They even put their hands on the stones like their first date.

Shouldn’t have left his phone on. But the merger was still delicate.

One, two… eleven?


Unknown number? Must be calling from a payphone. “Jen?”

“…Smythe…. police…. accident…”

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