The Comfort of a New Bright Age

Arthur C. Clarke commented that “[t]wo possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” As a Lovecraft fan, I feel the morbid joy of considering the second possibility, of envisioning a world where the only path to comfort is to turn away from the universe toward a new dark age. However, I am also an optimist who likes a more shiny speculation.

And these fusions of visual effects, science, music, and philosophy are gloriously aesthetic visions:

LIFE BEYOND: Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history (Run Time: 30m 25s)

LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life (Run Time: 37m 59s)

What awe-filled things have you discovered recently?

4 thoughts on “The Comfort of a New Bright Age

  1. High quality films, both. Makes ya wonder who footed the bill. The second tended to rehash everything we/I already knew about the possibilities of life /elsewhere/ but it was a quick, entertaining recap.


    1. More of an experience than a xenobiology course, I agree.

      The producer has previously done a series for National Geographic and is a professor at a US university, so I suspect he wouldn’t struggle to get an arts grant—that said, it is the US, so I don’t know if your glorious leader has nixed those.


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