Una Nation, Una Way

Today’s political debate is extremist and anti-expert, replacing any inclination toward trusting knowledgeable individuals to create nuanced solutions with the requirements that everyone has to have an opinion on everything and everyone’s opinion is equally valid. I suspect my thoughts are already relatively well known to readers; however, Una’s aren’t. So I asked her for her headline thoughts on a number of key issues.

A tabby cat and a black-and-white cat standing in a cardboard box
©Dave Higgins

The Environment
There should be many more trees, bushes, and other things to explore.

Anyone other than Dave, Nicki, and Stinky Rat should be prevented from entering.

We must move from an economy where people are forced to spend their time working to one where they have more time to pay attention to me.

The Arts
Authors have comfortable laps so we should focus our funding there.

Health Services
This is an evil conspiracy to implant chips in people.

So, a broad range of placements on the political spectrum, from a strong green stance and support for a form of Universal Basic Income to nationalism so extreme it makes the English Defence League look like an organisation devoted to welcoming Muslim refugees. Even my cat is more nuanced and complex than political debate considers entire nations.

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