Air Conditioning Ninja*

No longer will I feel like the bad guy in a Western, when I wear a mask while shopping. Henceforth, thanks to the most wonderful Changes Bristol, I shall feel like a very stylish bad guy in a superhero film.

A picture of a man wearing a red mask over the bottom of his face, a black shirt, and a red tie.
©Dave Higgins

Unfortunately, the masks are made by volunteers from donated materials, so it was pure fortune that my order included one in a complementary shade of red to my tie.

However, the mask is robust with slightly stretchy ties which help it stay in place while my head moves without biting or coming loose, and a comfortable nose strip that avoids my glasses steaming up. Changes offer other sizes and the option of ear loops instead of ties, so well worth a look if you want a mask that helps keep other people safe and funds mental health support.

Find out more here:

*Many years ago, I was roleplaying a gate guard at a Live Action Roleplay event when two people tried to sneak in claiming they were there to fix the air-conditioning.

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