Cometh the Time, Eventually Cometh the Man

Perhaps the greatest annoyance with both deliveries and tradespersons is having to stay in for a large chunk of the day because they only give a rough estimate, and the only time they arrive on the early side if one has tried to run an errand before the slot started. With the current lockdown meaning I’m at home unless it’s essential anyway, I was looking forward to being spared that with the deliveries I would have. Instead, as you might have experienced, the waiting seems to bear down just as much.

Fortunately, I find such ironies more toothsome than irksome. A condition for which I blame my mother. Specifically for feeding me British wits whilst I grew up.

This Flanders and Swan piece isn’t specifically about the waiting, but it does cast having work done in a wry light:

So, now you have some understanding of why I am as I am.

…or have at least hopefully experienced a moment of joy.

2 thoughts on “Cometh the Time, Eventually Cometh the Man

  1. You must have heard of Oscar Brand then. One of my favorite 1940’s & 50’s British comic singer/song writers. Most all you’ll get is his on-color stuff on youtube. But his off-color stuff is often hilarious.


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