Walled Improvement

As I suspect it has many of you, lock down has left me feeling somewhat closed in. To ring the changes from brief gathering of essentials and necessary exercise, I decided to undertake a maintenance project Nicki and I had put off until we had time: the back wall of the garden.

The previous occupants of our house had two young children, so several walls—both inside and outside—featured paintings of rainbows, trees, houses, and other things the children had added several years earlier. With the back gate and wall having last been painted a few years before that, they were a melange of faded lines, dirt, and bare areas.

Fortunately, the previous occupants also left a more useful legacy: any paint left over from the last time the house and garden had been decorated. Even more fortunately, half a can of masonry paint had avoided drying out over the years it had been sitting at the back of the shed. So, with a pressing need to be doing something that wasn’t sitting at home or assembling menus from what happened to be on the supermarket shelves this time, I took an hour each day last week to spruce up the back wall.

A blue gate in a cream wall
©Nicki Higgins

The blue paint I used on the gate is a touch too effective: the areas where it looks like white undercoat is showing through are actually light reflecting off the gloss; so, ironically, that will look better once it’s been weathered.

Obviously, with garden centres not being essential shops, the bed to the right might be empty for a while; but I’m not displeased with my efforts and certainly feel less closed in for having worked outside.

2 thoughts on “Walled Improvement

    1. A proper tree-trunk palisade could be romantic and enduring; however, I agree commercially produced fence panels aren’t an enduring monument to beauty.

      While painting the far corner of the wall, I discovered that the trellis supporting the clematis became the clematis supporting the trellis during spring, so I need to install a bit of fencing there before the neighbour’s dog attempts to come through.


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