Mythaxis Review Platform, Issue 1

The inaugural issue of Mythaxis Review Platform, featuring an article on changes to Amazon’s KDP Reports beta site, is now out.

The front and back cover of Mythaxis Review Platform magazine

In addition to my thoughts on Amazon’s potential replacement for their current author-publisher reporting screens, there are other articles about indie and trad publishing, along with reviews of technology, art, and science-fiction including:

  • ‘The Joy of Very Long Titles and Why Publishers Hate Them!’ by Tais Teng

  • ‘Artist Spotlight on Jerry Oltion

  • ‘Indie or Traditionally Published – and Why?’ by Chris Morton

  • ‘Can We Build A Better Review Process for Fiction?’ by David Macpherson

  • ‘Don’t Tell Me What to Write!’ by Sam M. Phillips

  • ‘Clarkesworld Issue 131 Review By Steven Capobianco- 1917 Review’ by Pete Johnson

  • ‘Kindle Paperwhite Review’ by Peter Kenvin

  • ‘Ready Player One Review’ by Arkadi Cloud

  • ‘Sketches of a Worldwide Christo and Jeanne-Claude’ by M.H. Vesseur

  • ‘With Pen and Paper: Editing Your Manuscript’ by Helga Schier

Currently available in print from Amazon.

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