Greenstar Special Features Release

Greenstar Special Features, collecting the short stories and crew diaries that Simon Cantan and I wrote to celebrate the release of each Season, is now available in ebook from major retailers. Pick up your copy today, before Pol mistakes it for a sandwich and eats it.

The front cover of Greenstar Special Features by Dave Higgins and Simon Cantan

The problem with a eco-friendly spaceship is that it tends to shed.

Like the science-fiction serials it pays homage to, Greenstar generated promotional content and deleted scenes. Greenstar Special Features gathers them all in one place, so you don’t have to risk the lower decks in search of the BetaSnax Story-in-a-Pill versions.

Curious what happened to Bao Lei when the ship visited Plankton Station in Season One? ‘Rescuing Bao Lei’ reveals all the events that we couldn’t show.

Wondering about Pol’s attempts to retake the captaincy? ‘Pol’s Holotainement Revolution’ details another crazy scheme that we couldn’t quite squeeze into Season Two.

Want to know what the Land of Nod trapped Connor in during Season Three? ‘Connor and the Humansters’ fills in the adventures we had to cut from Season Three.

Looking for more on the history of Greenstar before Josie joined the crew? The first set of ‘Crew Diaries’ reveal Pol’s purchase of the Greenstar and recruitment of the original crew.

All this content and more in this collection of four short stories and three sets of crew diaries.

Pick up your copy today from your favourite retailer.

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