Where the Heart Is

As most of you probably know, the (not very) United Kingdom officially left the European Union on Friday. As many of you also probably know, this was not my preferred option. I have plenty of thoughts about it, but perhaps the strongest is irony: those of the Leave camp who are not indulging in triumphalism are calling on everyone to treat separation as a call to unity.

An article in yesterday’s Telegraph seeks to set Brexit in a wider context: it wasn’t just about the benefits-and-burdens of European Union, it was about liberals “forgetting” that most of us value home and people. Which amuses me greatly in a bleak way.

I can’t speak for every “liberal” (I assume the Telegraph includes me amongst that arbitrary set), but I never forgot about the value of home and people. While I am not German, Muslim, or poverty stricken, I have more in common with them than I do with merchant bankers, career politicians, and those who have never lived on a budget who happen to have been born in the same division of land as I do.

Perhaps it’s because I proudly enjoy non-mainstream hobbies, but my home, my people, my traditions have always been more than an accident of geography. So, perhaps it is not I who has forgotten that a house (or in this case, a country) is not automatically a home.

I hope our departure from the European Union does produce a better nation. In that spirit of sharing joys rather than divisions, I shall end with a song I am currently re-enjoying:

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