This struck me as a slightly different take on Lovecraftian audio books: a female narrator reading in modern voice.

One of the biggest barriers to immersion I experience listening to audio versions of Lovecraft stories is Vincent-Pricing; while I love the performances of Vincent Price and can see the similarity in archaisms, the slightly over-the-top presentation of Price evokes a very human horror rather than the cosmic dread of Lovecraft. I also, being British, don’t “hear” Lovecraft’s prose in an American accent when I read it. Thus, the “too much egg in the plum pudding” tone that many narrators adopt for Lovecraft stories doesn’t subjectively work even when it is objectively close to how Lovecraft himself (or his characters) might have spoken. So, Romnex’s more (deliberately) casual delivery gets out of my way better.

The one downside to her choice of voice I experienced is that it does primed me to expect modernity, so a few of Lovecraft’s archaisms and obscurities that don’t trouble me when reading sounded wrong for an instant.

Do you prefer a casual or stylised voice for your Lovecraftian audio books? Do you have any favourite Lovecraftian audio books (whether of his works or in the wider Mythos) to recommend?

2 thoughts on “Caterwinning

  1. I liked her matter of fact delivery better than the self-consciously overdone style you mentioned, but the archaic words did occasionally sound a bit odd. I don’t listen to audiobooks much, but for HPL, the idea narrator would have a bit of a New England accent suggestive of HPL himself.


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