Advent Ghosts: Naughty or Nice

A joyous Yule or other festivals of choice to everyone. As in previous years, I am participating in Loren Eaton’s Advent Ghosts 100-word scary story project. This year, I endeavour to shed light on the true magic of Christmas:

Naughty or Nice

He yanked the last girl from his sack and ripped his claws across her throat before casting her into the circle with the others.

Blood gouted across scattered papers, glowing letters spiralling into the air wherever life spattered.

An immense weight pressed him to his knees as fat replaced wiry muscle.

The symbols before him congealed into complex structures, each diving into the sack.

Flexing fingers that had been claws moments before, he smoothed his newly white beard.

They did say making Christmas perfect took sacrifices. With a cynical chuckle, the last vestige of Krampus left him for another year.

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