Green Shoots of Knowledge

With only a few days to go until the General Election, representatives of some parties are doubling down on the message that they are speaking for the nation. They might genuinely believe they are, but Parliament, the organisation they seek to be part of, isn’t one person speaking for everyone, it’s many representatives discussing perspectives and varying interests to find a better, fairer nation—or at least it should be.

And the best way to ensure that happens is for us to be informed ourselves when picking our representatives; to read their manifestos, to consider their records, to—as the latest Greenspace podcast says—to “talk to people about these ideas”.

After considering the manifestos and the degree to which various parties and politicians have kept—or not—promises in the past, I believe the Green Party’s aims and achievements (such as those Sian Berry mentions in the podcast) offer the greatest chance for a nation that prospers for all.

Maybe, once you’ve considered everything, you won’t agree; but do consider the issues before you decide.

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