Renku with the Void

I start playing in a Legend of the Five Rings game on Wednesday. As the game is set in fantasy Japan, I was—(un)suprisingly—inspired to haiku. However, rather than a single verse, I challenged myself to create an entire cycle inspired by part of the world; which went well enough it I want to share it with more than the few people who are in the game. Other players read my blog, so I won’t say what the theme was, but I’m a firm believer art should not need the creator’s commentary to give it meaning.

Autumn’s voice whispers
Tumbling leaves hide the path
A lantern guides me

Stilts require patience
Yet may grant a child new sights
No bed defies death

Shimmer on mountains
A wise man does not cook food
On an avalanche

Parasol wood shaped
Uplifts each it touches
Fire in a cave

White feathers and clouds
Move without any obstacle
An egg shatters once

A dancer surges
Dust scatters before the wind
Water is not cut

A blooming flower
Does not doubt its true purpose
A wall may have gates

If you roleplay, do you create art around your games? Do other of your hobbies inspire you to supplementary art?

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