Submission Call: All These Shiny Worlds III

Following the success of All These Shiny Worlds and All These Shiny Worlds II, anthologies showcasing some of the best independent fantasy and science-fiction short stories, Jefferson Smith is compiling a third volume. Unlike the previous two, which were nomination-only, this one will be open to all subscribers to his Liar’s Hearth Newsletter. Further details below the cut.

In Jefferson’s own words:

Most of you are no doubt familiar with my anthology series, All These Shiny Worlds. With the first two installments having managed to stay on Amazon’s Top 30 list, uninterrupted, for over six years combined now, and over 20,000 downloads between them, the pressure is high for Shiny Worlds III to live up to the standard set by its older siblings.

This time, I want to keep things fresh by ensuring that we continue to find new authors to showcase alongside the returning fan favorites from previous outings. And one way I’d like to try doing that is to invite submissions… The next edition of the Hearth will include a call open only to you guys, but I wanted to give you plenty of warning that it’s coming, because the submission window will only be open for about a week….

…if you have any friends who might also want to submit, they can sign up too. Everybody’s welcome, but anybody not registered when the invitation goes out will be left for the wolves.

“The Liar’s Hearth”, August 2019

The previous two anthologies have used a secret team of judges with a proven record of writing immersive fiction (so secret that I’m not sure whether any of them even know who the others are). I don’t know how Jefferson will choose the contents this time, but—as someone who devours speculative fiction—I’m deeply interested in great stories getting a chance to be seen. So, if you aren’t a speculative fiction author but you know someone who is, pass this on.

Note: I am not editing this anthology; the above extract from Jefferson Smith’s newsletter contains everything I currently know. So, please direct any queries to him.

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