Charity Anthology: Impossible Hope

The newly published Impossible Hope anthology, includes my short story “Shoulders of Giants” along with nineteen others in a variety of genres. And the proceeds go to a good cause. The anthology will be available via Amazon later in the year, but everyone who donates to this GoFundMe can get a copy straight away.

What is Impossible Hope? This anthology is a collection of donated stories, made into a free anthology we give as a thank you to everyone who gives to a friend’s GoFundMe.…

In Spring of 2019 Bonnie underwent a successful surgery to fix her spine and give her relief before her head exploded. But with that success came the bill. Even with the insurance, Bonnie and her husband have over $110,000 they will have to pay.

The purpose of the GoFundMe is to help pay as much of that debt as we can so that Bonnie can focus on regaining her health and living her life with the ones she loves.

…Each story is about hope, courage, and making it through the hard times. All the stories are from talented authors, and with a mix of genres, I’m sure there’ll be something that you love.

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