Toxic Politics

Earlier today a scholar of cosmicism, one of we few who strive to see the world without the comfortable lies so warning of true threats might be given, proposed the laggard and insipid action on climate change was the result of a secret war against the Deep Ones. While none but a fool would suggest the lack of government response across the world to such an obvious problem was a failure rather than a considered strategy, I fear the hidden scheme is bleaker than war against marine sentiences.

Anthropocentric climate change is contributing to a decline in phytoplankton (Boyce, D.G. Lewis, M.R., Worm, B. “Global Phytoplankton decline over the past decade” Nature 466: p.591-596). This decline will decimate fish and other marine life, and vastly change both oxygen and other chemical levels in the oceans. As the Deep Ones eat fish and breath oxygen, this would on the face of it seem a powerful—albeit drastic—way of suppressing or even eradicating their civilisation.

However, the very threat it poses to humans makes it clear it is in fact the opposite: a war against humans by Deep Ones and their masters.

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We know from the secrets that Lovecraft revealed that Cthulhu sealed himself away in R’lyeh until the stars are right, that the Old Ones were forced away by changes to the Earth but will return when the world is fit for them again. Those few truths science tells us about the dawn of this cycle of life on Earth speak of vast storms striking chemical soups, of Earth wreathed in a primordial smog.

The accelerating of climate change is a plan to shift the Earth away from the current human-comfortable environment to a state akin to that prior to the birth of life as we know it, both clearing away humanity and making the planet fit for the Old Ones again.

Some might argue that the collapse of marine ecosystems harms the Deep Ones, making it ridiculous they would be complicit in—let alone the primary drivers of—such a plan. But this is to ignore that their gods want it to happen.

Of course, they are limited to influencing not ruling, giving us time to act; we will only be doomed once they may act openly, once creatures with painted skins and pastiches of hair spouting the most blatant attacks on humanity stand for government; pray heaven we notice before another Mr Shiny settles into acceptability.

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