Love Beyond Death Kickstarter

My short story “Nor Left Behind” will appear in Love Beyond Death, an anthology of unusual perspectives on love that transcends mortality, funding now via Kickstarter.

Drawing on both British police dramas and cosmic horror, “Nor Left Behind” tells the tale of a police detective who sees an opportunity to do a good deed and annoy the crook that he can never seem to catch at the same time, only to find himself facing a series of inexplicable crimes. By no means light romance, but certainly a tale of love.

And each of the other contributions offers their own vision of a love that isn’t saccharine. BDP describe the book as “{a} thought provoking dark affection anthology where love follows death, and where that’s not always a bad thing.

Twenty-two fabulous inspired short stories, from a fresh line-up of authors, ensure that there will be something for everyone, and with many stories being on the macabre side, this anthology makes the perfect counter-programming read for those who want something a little different come Valentines Day.

Check out the Kickstarter for full details:

Edit: The publisher has currently suspended the campaign. However, as all the stories already exist, they do intend to relaunch it.

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