Sarpatel, Or Why I Definitely Amn’t A Whampir

Amanda Surowitz tweeted about possibly starting a cooking blog, which lead to me mentioning a recipe using around a bulb of garlic per person. She was—obviously—immediately interested in this. I thought some of you might be too.


Serves: 2–6 depending on number of other dishes


  • 1250 g pork flesh (boneless, include up to 250 g liver &c. to taste, roughly cubed)

  • 1.5–2 g turmeric powder

  • 3.5–7 g salt

  • 42 g bottle masala (or substitute garam masala)

  • 28 ml coconut or vegetable oil

  • 100 g garlic (pulped or slivered)

  • 100 g ginger (grated or slivered)

  • 6–8 Asian green chillies (hari mirch prik khee fah, or similar) (slit and seeded)

  • 71 ml white wine vinegar

  • 570 ml water + a little for topping up

  • Few springs of coriander for garnish (chopped)


  1. Wash the meat

  2. Simmer the meat, turmeric, salt, and half the masala in 570 ml of water for 30 mins

  3. Remove meat, reserving stock

  4. Top up stock to make 570 ml

  5. Cut meat into small pieces

  6. Sauté chillies, ginger, and garlic for 3 mins in a large pan

  7. Add remaining masala and sauté over low heat for 2 mins

  8. Add meat to pan and sear

  9. Add vinegar and stock

  10. Simmer covered for 30 mins

Serve hot or cold, garnished with coriander, with rice, flat bread, or vegetable dishes.

The vinegar pickles the meat, so the flavours become more nuanced the longer the dish is prepared prior to eating. If made with good quality meat, the dish can keep for up to 4 weeks in a refrigerator.

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