Throats Dry with Dust

Things have got a little busy here. When I decided to commission Fears of a Clown in addition to my other projects, I thought I’d tidily filled the my schedule for the first quarter of the year. Since then I’ve received a request from a magazine to submit, two rewrite requests on short stories, and managed to take on another project. Definitely not sad I’m attracting interest, but it does mean that I’m rather busy today. So, today some music and a request.

I like Hannegan’s gravelly bleakness and this song has an untamed Western USA vibe that fits my accidental extra project.

However, if I listen to a single song on repeat, I’ll start to hate it, go a little odd(er), or both. So, I’m looking for suggestions for other songs to put on a playlist.

Which songs evoke the mix of freedom and danger that mark the Old West for you?

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