Advent Ghosts: Protected Speech

As in previous years, I’m part of Loren Eaton’s Advent Ghosts, a 100-word scary story project. Read my submission is below.

Protected Speech

Josh strode up the beach, Bible clutched in one hand. Heathen arrows and spears flew toward him, only to be gusted aside by the wings of the angel behind him, the angel who had inspired him to become a missionary.

Smiling broadly at the unfortunates, he spread his arms wide. “Brothers. I’m here to tell you about Christ Jesus, the one true saviour.”

He’d done it where others had failed. He’d—

An arrow pierced his lung. “Wh—why?”

The angel grinned. “He’s so unspeakably just about everything. If they’d never heard of Jesus, they’d get to Heaven whatever they’d done.”

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