Lovecraftian Yule

This year, we are celebrating the festive season at home. While Jasper and Una have settled well after the move, my wife and I decided it was probably still too early to suddenly disappeared for several days and have a stranger started invade the house a couple of times a day to lurk near the food bowls and the litter tray. So, we are hosting all our parents.

Of course, those who have seen the truth will realise that this event—as with all things—had already been revealed in the bubbling of Yog-Sothoth as interpreted by the prophet Lovecraft and his followers. In this case, the prediction was concealed within humorous fiction by The HP Lovecraft Historical Society to protect those minds unable to properly correlate the evidence of their senses.

Sadly, out of the same regard for the well-being of the cats, our décor will be free of tentacles, tinsels, and other things that might turn out to be the most lively awfulness if swallowed.

Whatever you’re doing this month, I hope it doesn’t turn out to be the most horrible season of all.

2 thoughts on “Lovecraftian Yule

    1. Not sure I want to celebrate the Festival.

      Discovering subterranean passages beneath our house would be most pleasing and everyone of right mind loves a sourceless green flame, but discovering I was descended from blasphemous worm-creatures might be less enjoyable.

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