House Hunting

My wife and I finished arranging the furniture in the attic room over the weekend, so the new house is—for a reasonable granularity—tidy. As we now have significantly more floor space, Jasper has taken it upon himself to test all the carpets to make sure they are suitably roll-upon-able.

A black and white cat lying on a cream carpet with a multicoloured knitted ball next to him
©Dave Higgins (adapted from an image by Nicki Higgins)

Being a diligent soul, he’s also created an even distribution of things-that-can-be-pounced-on throughout the ground floor. As an added bonus this has given me the opportunity to use a phrase I never expected to have use for: there’s a raccoon in the kitchen.

Una meanwhile is making sure no one steals our duvet—by spending most of the day under it.

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