Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense

Millhaven’s Tales of Suspense, featuring one of my short stories, is now available. While there are a range of tones, from straight out vigilante action to cosy investigation (complete with cup cakes), all the stories feature protagonists who take action rather than sitting back.

  • A group of muggers discover appearance isn’t everything.

  • When the police arrest her friend, a baker decides the only way to save her is to identify the real murderer.

  • A District Attorney on the verge of bringing down a crime family discovers that they’ve hired a very unusual assassin.

  • A body slashed to death in a tiger cage seems like misadventure—except tigers don’t use swords.

  • A paedophile ring have the ear of the powerful; but one man is determined to break them up, even if it means breaking the law and heads.

  • When a woman discovers her husband is having an affair with his doctor’s wife, she resolves to turn the tables.

  • Two teams of spies from the US and UK unite to destroy Nazi death machines.

  • A friendly game of poker turns into a quest for revenge when one of the players turns out to be in debt to a shady businessman.

  • When a murderer apparently disappears in the middle of a snowy car park, the police call in a specialist.

So whether you like puzzling mysteries or pulp thrillers why not grab a copy straight from the publisher or from Amazon.

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