Life as a Shadow Play

White supremacy is a crap thing to want. For the obvious reason; and for it not actually being an uplifting goal anyway.

As a young goth, being very pale rather than a melange of pink and rugose tones is something I sought. But, even at my most goth-formist, I never sought to be white.

And now, while I wouldn’t turn down paleness, I am less inclined toward being labelled by my superiority at being white.

I am pleased when people suggest I’m better than average at law, logic, cooking, polite behaviour, humour, and many other things. But, I have no desire to be known for being superior at being free of hue.

The words Left and Right written on a Mobius strip
A true and comprehensive diagram of the differences between the Invisible College and the Outer Church
©Dave Higgins – CC BY SA

But that of course isn’t what white supremacists are actually seeking. What they are seeking is either a way to give themselves the esteem they’ve lost to a socio-economic system that values banks who lend to banks more than it does sewer workers, or a way to keep those people seeking esteem distracted while they use them for their own purposes.

Because the true horror of white supremacy is that the people who actually run it don’t think most white supremacists are human either.

There isn’t bigotry on many sides because all the hate is just the puppeteer’s sticks, making Mr Plod and Mr Punch fight over a tube of cloth they’ve been told is premium sausages.

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