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At the Sharing Depot, a storefront in Toronto, $50 a year buys tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of tools, camping supplies, furniture, games, toys, sports equipment, and much else. At least on a short-term basis: The owners of the space call it a “library of things,” and anyone who pays the annual membership fee can borrow anything in the Sharing Depot, whose aisles look a lot like those at a regular big-box store. The difference is that everything on the shelves can be checked out like a library book….

The Original Sharing Economy, The Atlantic, 3 Jan 2017

This sounds like an excellent scheme. We need more sharing libraries in the United Kingdom.

We need more sharing libraries in the United Kingdom.


3 thoughts on “Share and Share I Like

  1. Agreed. Although I’m biased, having worked in libraries for 35 years. Shortly before I retired, I heard about an initiative for some sort of tool-sharing organization to partner with an actual public library so the library’s patrons could borrow tools, but the other organization would “curate” them.

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    1. It’s not just the borrowable items themselves that would be good; it’s the body of knowledge about how to find knowledge. I’m frustrated on a frequent basis by the lack of nuance, assessment of source quality, and helpful fuzziness offered by search engines, so have no faith that they can handle a query such as “I need an unbiased introduction to Macedonian history”, let alone “My friend read a book last month about weasels; she said it had a red cover”. Yet librarians routinely turn these into the book a reader wants, even if that book is actually about pine martens and had a blue cover.

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