Do You Want a Revolution?

Politics isn’t easy, which is why not everyone’s doing it. Even describing one’s politics can be tricky in anything other than the most superficial of terms. However, the people who ask are often the ones who don’t listen to long and nuanced answers. So, I’ve tried to find an answer that isn’t; that captures complexity and truths without losing brevity.

And I keep coming back to a quote from Grant Morrison’s Invisibles. Somehow it seems appropriate to answer a question driven by the sound-bite culture of social media and gap-between-the-adverts news with a quote rather than my own words.

…trying to pull off a track that’ll result in everyone getting exactly the kind of world they want.

Everyone including the enemy.

– King Mob to the Marquis de Sade
‘Arcadia #4’, The Invisibles

And very appropriately British to make someone’s bed for them so they might lie in it.


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