When Is a Lap Not a Lap?

The outside world isn’t always pleasant, which can make the choice between leaving the house and spending more time with your cat a tricky one. However, now you don’t have to (at least if you live or know someone who lives in Japan); you can take your lap with you.

Unihabitat UPA-35
Available from Amazon JP

If, like me, you pondered the practicality of this hoodie you needn’t worry; it’s also available with sleeves.

With two cats who both want the best spot on my lap, and both dislike nearly every human, it wouldn’t work for me. However, if you decide to get one, I’d be most interested in hearing about your experiences.


2 thoughts on “When Is a Lap Not a Lap?

  1. Hmm. I’m thinking this would work for a fairly small, less active cat. My almost-19-year-old Zeke would probably like it, but he weighs 12 pounds, so would be quite a weight to lug around. It would be great for a sleepy kitten too, but what about when he/she wakes up and wants to race around? It’s cute, though!


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