Warning: Contains Language

Kiku Koibito invited me to share one of my older poems. Rather than merely cast it into the ephemera of social media, I thought I’d capture it here. Warning: might contain imagery, satire, and language.

ProbablyOKCC BY SA 2.0)

A Better Class

Tarquin’s poem is going to be published
They say it speaks to the nation’s soul.
How is Lucinda’s handwriting coming?

Sapphire sparks on sapphire
Smiling their square smiles

Jemima wants to go back to Chamonix
They say a black run is nothing to her.
How is Tarquin’s fear of heights?

Flicking over smooth foreheads
Smiling their square smiles

Lucinda is teaching the maid German
They say the polish is even better for it.
How is Jemima’s stutter now?

Buttoned boots march on asphalt
Spearing a rigid frown

Children remain until 2:46
Disorder comes from a weakness of will.
Why are you here at 2:41?

Feel free to play along, or not, in the comments or wherever you will.

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