Second Seven Stones Collection Available for pre-order

Seven Stones, Vol 2: Opening the Way, collecting parts 10-33 of my weekly swords-and-sorcery serial, is now available to pre-order. And, it’s currently discounted to 99c/99p. So, find your favourite retailer today.


With the means to quiet his nightmares and a better idea of their source, Reverend Kobb and his companions travel further north in search of the root of the evil.

Anessa’s defeat of the monster that threatened Alcston is a solid victory, and obtaining the obscure ingredient that Haelen needs to grant Kobb sleep is more than reward enough. But the village also holds a map that shows the location of stone circle that plagues Kobb’s dreams.

Invigorated by their mutual success, the journey seems almost pleasant. But when they arrive, lethal magics bar their path. Pressing on offers only death, so Kobb must make a deal to lower the barrier; a deal that will see him face the Eaters again, and this time he must take one alive.

With each choice challenging the friendship between Kobb, Anessa, and Haelen, which of them will sacrifice their principles for the slim chance of success?

The collection returns to its full price of $2.99/£2.99 on 3 June, so pre-order your copy today.

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