We Don’t Mind the Language, It’s the Logical Dissonance We Don’t Need

Just trod in a post about the election of Sadiq Khan meaning Britain no longer exists; which I suppose would be why my socks are damper than usual. Of course, they didn’t mean that: they helpfully defined Britain as the bastion of a white morality stretching back to Classical civilisation and Jesus. Which is of course, equally absurd.

First, Britain’s morality hasn’t gone; the closest to civil decline I’ve seen since Sadiq Khan’s election is someone parking a car at an angle rather than square to the kerb. So, all of you who are thinking (as the article’s author was) of crossing Great Britain off your itinerary, don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly safe.

Second, Jesus was semitic, and large parts of the Roman citizenry were non-Caucasian. If you accept that the greatest morality is the fusion of Christianity and Classical civilisation, you also accept that people who aren’t really really white were part of it.

And should this post seem a touch mocking, don’t fear we will shun you for your beliefs. As doomsayers are so quick to point out, Britons are on the whole shockingly tolerant of those who spew illogical hate.


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