Embrace Your Inevitable Doom

This adaptation of a WWF poster popped up in my social feeds this morning. As a pastiche, it’s both enjoyable and technically skilled. However, it’s also so woefully cheerful it is almost certainly a false flag action by R’yleh’n cultists.

(Fair Use: no copyright data available after reasonable efforts)

As any scholar knows, the Necronomicon details the inevitable reclaiming of the world by the Old Ones, and the witness evidences collated by HP Lovecraft and the true followers of his quest only serve to support this. In short, whether or not we stop the Cult of Dagon, those descended from Deep Ones will face the possibility of transformation.

Only the heretical adherents of Lumleyism (whether Brianic eschatologists or Joanic demagogues) would give such a warning without ulterior motive. But, while the image is polished, it lacks the sparkle common to the products of Lumleyism.

Thus, it must be an attempt to draw the unwary in, to gather the flock in one place under the guise of a war against evil. And to raise the emotional state of those among the attackers who bear the taint that they might transition faster and close to the sunken temples.

Do not be fooled! This war on evil is no more real than the Bl’ir Shards!


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