Kardash NeuFlesh ARS3000 – The Curve You Deserve!

Are you worried that you’re behind the curve? Do you feel flat when you see the latest ultrarad fashions? Has working that second job as a messenger left you with that tight-and-toned natural look?

Then you need the ARS3000 Glutal Upgrade from Kardash NeuFlesh AG!

Why aren’t you staring at my arse more? (Probably ©Jerry Schlagheck)

Gomi in the Denbu to the max by night! Corporate Conformity by day! With a combination of annular synthmuscle and our patented MemorySkyn, each buttock expands and contracts in all three axes in real-time.

Available in FleshTonez, Chrome, and More-Plastic-Than-Plastic.

Don’t have time to follow the trends? Fully compatible with the H8U wireless jump system, the ARS3000 can poll up to 1000 social media post and hour and adjust your arse to match the most buttock-clenching images on the Net! Ask your representative about our affordable monthly plans.

The ARS300 Glutal Upgrade. Join the Kardash In-crowd today.


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