I’m Thinking About Thinking About…

As frequent readers will know, I post quite a few philosophical, social, or political pieces; and those are only outlet for my perspectives and musings. Unsurprisingly, I am sometimes accused of over-thinking these issues. However, this is patently inaccurate: I over-think everything.

For example, earlier this month I purchased a different brand of oats. The new box had exactly the same resealable spout/flap as my usual brand, but flipped left-to-right. Many people would notice and think no more of it, spend a millisecond tilting the box the wrong way until they became used to the new alignment, or at most wonder why and either assume there was a reason or try looking it up. I have mused upon possible reasons for several days.

Not because I have any use for the knowledge, but for two other, equally valid, reasons:

  • I find balancing card-engineering, intellectual property, and utility issues a fun way to occupy myself while doing low-intellect tasks.

  • There is enough thoughtless behaviour in the world that I cannot prevent, that the least I can do is move the average.

If anyone wants to join my quest, here’s a starter: does a lettuce-and-ham sandwich taste different from a ham-and-lettuce sandwich?


6 thoughts on “I’m Thinking About Thinking About…

  1. Well, obviously. Since the tastebuds are on the tongue, it would make a difference which of them was at the bottom.

    Which begs the question: why do people eat pizza with the base at the bottom, when the better tasting things are on top?


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