Seeing the Good in People

An interesting overview of why accepting refugees might be a benefit rather than a burden.

I agree with Betts’ points, both that the cost of providing asylum is an issue of perception not necessity, and that we should do more to help others.

Despite that, I did get the sense he was preaching to the converted. I, who am not facing cuts to benefits or to funding to an essential service, see the longer-term benefits of demographic change and systemic reform as a question of logic. However, I can also see that, to someone in Bath who is told their local hospital is closing for lack of funding, increased spending on homing refugees in Newcastle – even if it will unarguably solve a skilled labour crisis in the North – seems like a betrayal.

Therefore, I am less certain that the key issue is politicians not having foresight. I wonder if it is actually a symptom of politicians doing what so many say they should: following the desires of the people who elected them.


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