A More Fluid Interaction

Sean Follmer’s idea is good just for the reasons he gives, and I can see others:

Being able to “pass” objects to people in other locations? Remote support and training gain most of the advantages of an on-site presence.

Furniture that changes shape in response to the user? No more fiddling with handles to obtain an ergonomic layout or guessing if you will be using someone else’s desk for long enough to justify adjusting the chair.

But, the real benefit isn’t in the workplace.

Imagine a table that could put up a soft, yet resilient, barrier; so you were no longer juggling your fork while trying to fend off a cat.

Imagine a keyboard that only rose up in the areas under your hands; so you not longer had extra text added by a friendly cat.

We are approaching the point that we can make a machine to herd cats.

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