No Fermi Answers

This infographic sets out several solutions to the Fermi Paradox that are less pessimistic than advanced civilisations tend to destroy themselves before they reach interstellar travel.

Fermi Paradox and Possible Solutions
Futurism.comCC BY NC 3.0 US)

In the Greenstar Universe, our answer to the Fermi Paradox was a predator civilisation with a of the few others mixed in; it just happened that humanity was the predator civilisation. Who says politics isn’t comical?

Do you have a theory they don’t mention? Do you find any of these theories too unlikely to be the real one?


5 thoughts on “No Fermi Answers

  1. PBS Spacetime just covered a similar subject, but their hypothesis was that the Earth is one of the first Earth-like planets to cool and settle enough to be habitable. So we’re one of the first to get to this stage and have the possibility of being the wardens of other civilisations as they develop.

    Which sounded pretty cool to me.


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