The Small Things

As an example of the power of my words, I was washing my hands this morning when I heard Una meow loudly from somewhere else, so I meowed back where I was. Immediately, there was a pattering of paws and she rushed into the bathroom. Clearly, my Cat-tongue is improving.

As a more generally applicable example of the power of words, about 12 minutes of poems and laughter:

My juxtaposition of cats and age is deliberate.

And in answer to the suggestion Una might have just come to the noise, she didn’t come to the sound of the tap running.


3 thoughts on “The Small Things

    1. Coincidentally, I used to share a house with a Russian. She often communicated in ooks and eeps, so there was some similarity to living with a cat.

      My Russian is better than my Cat – provided I wish to communicate something that is also a line in ‘The Hippopotamus Song’.

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