Halloween Never Ended

While shopping this fair morn, I turned to face an aisle clad in reds and gold. Pies of mince and cakes of festal mien. I reeled back, dear reader. The Christmas Out of Time had infested another year.

But I did not quail. Rushing home, I consulted my photographic library.

Icons struck and boundaries subscribed, I set upon this place a counter-sign.

(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

Draw strength from tradition, oh gentle reader.

Let us not go gentle into blurred time, but rather rage against the dying of the dark.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Never Ended

  1. In other words, let’s get Halloween out of the way first! I just don’t want to think about Christmas and buying the kids their presents until I absolutely have to.

    Incidentally, I noticed that you live in a mystically insignificant part of Wiltshire. Is it avoided by spirits and bypassed by ley lines for any particular reason? I mean, did some earth-crushingly dull non-event barely happen there at some point in the past that kept the forces of mysticism away? Just wondering.


    1. Wiltshire is almost solid mystical significance, so least mystically significant is still fairly arcane compared to say, the boring area of Milton Keynes. What my childhood didn’t have was a stone circle within walking distance.

      Although, my childhood home is mostly known for the industrial estate and a nightclub, so I suspect a chunk of mysticism avoids it where possible.

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      1. Ha ha! I see, it’s a bit like saying least rainy part of Ireland or least frozen part of Antarctica.

        I think you might be right about the nightclub, though. Mystical forces have other things to do at night besides prancing about in nightclubs.

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