A Window On My Upgrade Experience

I received my download of Windows 10 on Friday morning. So on Friday afternoon, I installed it on the laptop I use for scratty little tasks (and to tide me over if my desktop develops an issue that stops me working). Overall, it hasn’t been terrible.

Compared to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 it responds faster and doesn’t display the random app crashes I had experienced recently.

Open Office and Firefox both run without issues, so it is a better OS for a laptop I use for doing a little outlining/drafting while somewhere else and checking email/news while on the sofa.

The new version of Solitaire has enough variety that the occasional advertisements during screen transitions don’t overwhelm it as a way to pass a quick break between tasks.

Una - Snooze
Una’s reaction to Windows 10
©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA

However, the best description of it is that, after a weekend poking around for changes with the intention of collecting my impressions, those are the most interesting things I could find to say about it. An operating system that is less irritating than Windows 8.1.

So – while I might change my mind after I have fiddled some more, and slapped Classic Shell on it for comparison – I’m not inclined to take up the invitation on my desktop any time soon.

Have you installed Windows 10? Do you have any strong opinion on it?

3 thoughts on “A Window On My Upgrade Experience

  1. I installed it on a laptop I don’t use much, just like you did. I’m of the same opinion. It’s distinguishing feature is that it isn’t as annoying as Windows 8.

    I hated the privacy options, though. 15 pages of things you have to turn off, if you don’t want Microsoft selling every keystroke to advertisers. And their plan for the end of Windows 10 is similarly annoying. I don’t want to buy a subscription operating system, I just want one price and then I own the OS.


    1. The privacy does take a while to wade through. As the sort of person who goes through obscure screens to see what’s there, it didn’t take me any longer than it would have if the default had been ‘don’t share anything’.

      I am uncertain on the subscription model: it depends on what comes as free and what doesn’t. Something that potentially won’t become clear until Microsoft have seen what the reaction of people outside the Insider cabal is to the current build.

      The strongest loyalty I have to Windows is PC gaming, so if Microsoft make Windows 10 gouge-ware, it will probably make transitioning into using Unix/Linux/other OS for work and having a separate Windows partition for gaming seem worth the bother.


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