Countdown to Continuance

July 15th 2015. The last day before Comet Gijalva doesn’t hit the Earth, wiping out humanity. With only a few hours to go until the central prediction of Fauxpocalypse is proved true, I and the other contributors go about our normal lives as if tomorrow will come.

The best thing about predicting the end of the world won’t come is you don’t have to face the music if you’re wrong.

The second best thing is a lower incidence of people looking at you like you have gone a bit odd.

Falling Asteroid Warning Sign
I know it doesn’t say comet, but it’s close enough*.
(©Dave Higgins – CC BY NC SA)

Of course, as the anthology shows, neither of those things is actually true: worlds end every day, leaving us behind; and there is plenty of odd to go around.

But that is a matter for another day. Today I am preparing myself to wake up in a world where the the truth state of my first publication collapses into certainty.

*Much like the comet.


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